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About Us

We, at Corp Custom Homes strive to build quality homes for discerning clients. We pride ourselves on knowing all the facets of the home building process from years of hands-on experience. We want to build you a quality home, with energy-efficient features.

bio_imgPaul Corp


Let me tell you my story, before we begin to build your story. I grew up in the home building industry in the Midwest. It was a small farming community where many of my friends and relatives were in the building industry. My uncle was a builder, and another uncle was a roofer. My father, he wired houses and built buildings when farm work would allow.

In the mid 90’s, my wife, Amy and I moved to Georgia where she continued earning her early-childhood education degree. I began a remodeling and home repair company. We contracted home remodels, reroofing, and additions in the North Atlanta suburbs.

Upon Amy’s graduation, we moved back north to the Midwest, where I worked for a local home builder. In the Midwest, the builders I knew and worked for were more hands on. We would actually do all of the work, except the trades. I am proud to say that I am a multi-faceted builder from this exponential time in my life. I have dug basements, done grade work and excavation, poured concrete, framed, installed soffit, fascia, doors and windows, roofed, installed Sheetrock, installed trim doors and cabinets, painted and stained houses. I enjoyed working with my hands to craft quality homes. The comradery of the team and sense of accomplishment from a job well done were highlights of that time for me.

In the late 90’s, I had decided to go back to school for a master’s degree, which brought us down to Texas. We attended a local church and I became friends with a new home salesman that worked for a local builder. I also found part-time work as a superintendent and warranty serviceman for a local builder in Duncanville. Eventually, my friend and I began a small custom home building business and built a few homes together. It worked quite well for us, he had sales experience and I knew construction. It was different for me to call subcontractors to do most of the work and many were surprised that I had experience in their field. This was a great way for me to pay for my schooling.

In 2005, I began building custom homes in Ellis county full-time. We built many homes in one acre lot subdivisions and tried our hand at smaller homes as well. We even built a few commercial projects in Midlothian and Waxahachie.

Corp Custom Homes will work with you, providing personal attention every step of the building process. Get ready for an exciting experience as we work as a team to build your dream home!